Hello and welcome to the home base of our Intro course! We're glad to have you along. We have lots planned for the week ahead, and each day we'll release a new post to this space that provides an overview to get you thinking about that day's topic, followed by the activities and discussion prompts for the day.

We'll work with these topics this week:

  • Monday: Access & Equity
  • Tuesday: Community
  • Wednesday: Agency
  • Thursday: Activism
  • Friday: Application & Reflection

Our course will fall into a rhythm, with predictable milestones occurring throughout the day. We've opted to use Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6) for our schedule because that time zone is local to DPL's host institution, UC Denver. Our course participants come from nine different time zones, so we expect most of our activities will be asynchronous.

Each day, we'll use the following rhythm to our process:

  • 12:01 — A new post appears here, on our course website.
  • 05:00 — Chris and Jakob send an email to all participants, recapping or responding to the previous day's activities, setting the intention for the day ahead, and providing a Daily Checklist to help avoid getting lost.
  • 10:00 — Office Hour in Zoom, where we can chit-chat, get to know each other, and/or discuss ideas from the day's topic. Bring your own beverage, and join us for some live interaction.
  • 15:00 — Collaborative Activities, when relevant. We have a Twitter chat or two scheduled this week, and we'll use this hour as the centerpiece of simultaneous collaboration. You don't have to participate at this time, but we encourage you to if it works in your time zone, to try and develop a sense of simultaneity.
  • 20:00 — Office Hour in Zoom, where we'll chit-chat some more and likely recap the day's activities and ideas.

Our hope is that the schedule above will be sufficient to help you feel like you're attending an intentional class, not simply working on things off on the sidelines.

Welcome to that class!

Sunday as Sean said in today's morning announcements, is all about "a slow, easy start to the Lab" and to "generally get your bearings." We want to take this time to orient ourselves to the platforms and the people of #DPLintro.

Let's get started!


This course serves as an introduction to pedagogy — in virtual, distributed, digital spaces. But before we dive in to the topics, let's introduce ourselves first. Sunday's activities are all about seeing what's where, who's who, and what's ahead. Here's today's agenda:

About the Course

Chris and Jakob want to share with you their hopes and intentions for the week.

Then, take a moment to consider the physical space you'll occupy this week.

About the Participants

Say hello to your colleagues!

Let’s liven this up a bit: Don’t make your introduction sound like a Q&A list; get creative. You’re not limited to text; you can make a video, record audio, or create a meme. Employ limericks, narrative anecdotes, interpretive dance, images—whatever helps us know you. Tell us whatever you feel like sharing, with these restrictions:

  • Do tell us how to refer to you (your name, pronouns, preferred method of address, etc.)
  • Do include Twitter handles and email addresses if you want to connect with the cohort over those channels.
  • We suggest sharing your time zone—we come from 9 different ones!
  • Do not tell us your professional title, but do tell us the kind of work you enjoy doing. (Hint: That doesn’t need to be the work you get paid to do.)
  • Do say something about why you chose to sign up for the course.
  • Please tell us something personally meaningful about yourself.

Aim to add your introduction to the Discourse Introductions thread by Monday (before, if possible) so we can get to know each other before we start collaborative activities.

Eager to immerse yourself in the material of the course? Chris and Jakob recommend reading the following texts before starting Monday's tasks: